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Instructions: can delve deeper and identify their “leadership blind

Instructions: Review
the following resources.  Write a summary
of each, including appropriate in-text citations.  Information on how to cite correctly is found
in the CSU-Global library under CSU-Global Guide
to Writing & APA: In-Text Citations.


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(n.d.). The
10 characteristics of effective leadership Video file. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=silPtekoFqE

Summary of the article
including citations

BusinessMinderVideos (n.d.) states that there are 10
characteristics of effective leadership. 
They are: the ability to communicate, form one-on-one relationships,
good listening skills, be surrounded by like-minded people, refuse to let
others dictate, identify strengths and weaknesses, acknowledge the need to
change, have high levels of confidence and optimism, be patient, and be
passionate at what they do.



1, in Sugerman, J., Scullard, M., & Wilhelm, E. (2011). The 8 dimensions of leadership: DiSC strategies for becoming a better
leader. Retrieved from CSUGlobal.edu.

Summary of the article
including citations

Sugarman, J., Scullard, M., & Wilhelm, E. (2011)
observe that there are 8 non-sequential and nonhierarchical dimensions of
leadership based on a “combination of our own psychological make-up,
intelligence, training, and experience” (Sugarman et al. 2011, p. 3).  Based on a quiz or experience a person can
identify what combination of leadership styles they are.  Once a leader has established their style
they can delve deeper and identify their “leadership blind spots” (Sugarman
et al. 2011, p. 29).



D. (2012). Global critical leadership:
Educating global leaders with critical leadership competencies. Journal
of Leadership Studies, 6(2), 95-101. doi:10.1002/jls.21241

Summary of the article
including citations

While critical thinking skills in leadership are necessary “more
than half of employers said finding qualified applicants is difficult” (Jenkins,
2012, p. 96).  There are programs
available for global leadership but they are currently only available for
“the most highly motivated students” (Jenkins, 2012, p. 97) but it is
suggested that this curriculum be available at all levels of education.  A 2003 study simplified global leadership
skills into five clusters (Jenkins, 2012). There are several ways that
educators can help their students expand their worldview; including: speaking
with global leaders, using case studies to change perspective, and challenging
students to evaluate the possible outcomes when cultural assumptions are
challenged (Jenkins, 2012)



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