Aging and Retirement Reference Brochure Baernholdt, M., Research Paper

Aging and Retirement Reference Brochure

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Want to age gracefully?

This information package is aimed at middle-aged Americans to help you plan for retirement, understand issues related to social services, and understand your body’s nutrition needs.

The keys to aging gracefully

Three steps to aging gracefully

Plan for retirement

Understand social services

Ensure you live a healthy lifestyle


Do you need care fulltime or daytime? You will find both options available. If you are able to have caregivers or peers to stay with at home during off hours, then consider an adult day care center. These provide services during the day. They pick and drop seniors at their homes. If you require care during the day and at night, consider getting a nursing home ? ADDIN EN.CITE Brett2012<

ecNum>1603(Brett et al., 2012)<



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Brett et al., 2012?)?. These are usually expensive so consider saving up early for this need ? ADDIN EN.CITE Black2012<

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elated-urls> Black, 2012 #1606″?

Black et al., 2012?)?.

Home assistance programs. Your local or state Office for the Aging provides home assistance and energy upgrades to the elderly at no charge. They also provide direct cash assistance based on the level of retirement income. They may also provide a residential repair service at no labor cost.


In planning for retirement, you need to consider four aspects: economic status, housing, medical, and legal issues.

Start saving for your retirement at an early age. The earlier you start saving, the more you will have after retirement. Interest rates for retirement benefit funds are often better when you start saving at an early age.

Plan to buy your retirement home early. The earlier you have to pay, the easier it will be for you to pay up the mortgage. Picture how you want your home to be when you retire and work towards this goal. Once you succeed to buy your home, customize it to meet your retirement needs as early as possible ? ADDIN EN.CITE Baernholdt2012<

ecNum>1605(Baernholdt, Hinton, Yan, Rose, & Mattos, 2012)<



ef-type name=”Journal Article”>17Baernholdt, MarianneHinton, IvoraYan, GuofenRose, KarenMattos, Meghan< itles>< itle>Factors associated with quality of life in older adults in the United StatesQuality of Life ResearchQuality of Life Research527-53421<


elated-urls> Baernholdt, 2012 #1605″?

Baernholdt, Hinton, Yan, Rose, & Mattos, 2012?)?.

Join a medical insurance scheme. Most medical insurers do not accept people over the age of 60 to join their schemes. Often, when you join at an early age, your premiums at the older ages will be low. Think about joining Medicaid early since it the best scheme for the elderly.

Be legally prepared. Consider writing a will and having all legal documents ready early it advance. It pays to have a lawyer to help with these legal preparations for retirement.


Ombudsman services. Your state’s ombudsman’s office is happy to help with any issues regarding care to the elderly. They often investigate complaints and ensure that the elderly are treated fairly while in nursing homes and adult day care centers.

Silver Alert. The Silver Alert Program is there to help in many states and local areas to find elderly missing persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s or other mental disorders. As an elderly person, you will be given a Silver Alert bracelet with a unique identification number that will help you get located.

Supplemental Nutritional…

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