Application of Statistics by a Nurse White Paper

Statistics in Nursing

Statistics is a mathematics branch that deals with collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Statistics has been a fundamental part of nursing since the time of Florence Nightingale, who was the first nurse to employ statistics to demonstrate that improved sanitary conditions led to a reduction in military deaths. Statistics can be used to improve health of patients and sway public opinion. Statistics is a way of viewing and understanding data that offers information on how one event relates to another event. The use of statistics in the nursing profession has a direct impact on patient care and advocacy in order to advance the profession. My goal for week one was to familiarize myself with statistics and I managed to achieve my goal.

The nursing profession is increasing being based on empirical evidence which demonstrates the most effective methodologies for patient care. In order to adopt evidence-based practices a nurse should be able to have a basic understanding of statistics so they can read, understand, and interpret the information presented and literature available. Using statistics nurses can establish if the protocols or methods used for patient care are relevant. Being able to relate past literature with current happening within a hospital setting is essential if a nurse is going to improve the patient care offered. Nurses should be able to collect and analyze data from past literature and use to formulate methodologies that could be adopted within the hospital for improving patient care.

Nurses can use statistics to establish pattern in the vital signs of a patient, which would allow them to prioritize treatment and to determine if a patient requires immediate medical attention or follow-up. By analyzing the vital signs of a patient, a nurse can make informed decisions in order to better respond to a patient’s changing medical status. The use of frequency charts and data sheets for documenting medications given to patients and timing is a way nurses use statistics in daily work. Looking at the charts and establishing patterns with regards to specific patients could be beneficial to the nursing profession. Analyzing patient data allows a nurse to determine the frequency with which a patient would need care and would allow them to prepare and plan for the appropriate care.

Statistics can also be used when a nurse want to bring changes within the nursing profession. When allocating scarce or limited resources, a nurse can allocate the resources by using facts instead of relying on emotions, or anecdotal evidence. Making use of facts ensures that prioritization and proper allocation of resources is done and there is little chance that the allocation would have a negative effect. Having a methodology to justify the decision made is vital because it affords the nurse an opportunity to justify and defend their decision, which is also backed…

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